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Last year, we entered uncharted territory with Covid-19. Everyone is affected by the events of our current world situation. Extreme measures are taking hold for an undetermined period of time.


We are praying and working diligently to keep your health, your home and your safety at top of mind.


Our Mortgage Mall team is committed to doing our part in keeping our customers, team members and families safe. We are strictly adhering to the CDC guidelines of social distancing, washing of hands, working from home, disinfecting surfaces and frequently touched objects, and more…. everything within our power. So far all of our employees and customers have been kept safe from the virus. Thank you God!


Having said that, we want you to know that Mortgage Mall is still here for you. We are offering a unique virtual and online applications for loans by simply going to our main website. We have always strived to be safe even before COVID-19 by having most of our business being conducted virtually, which most of our customers do prefer. However, we do have customers who prefer face-to-face and we always do accommodate by making sure we are at an open space where social distancing still applies and masks worn at all times to prevent the spread of the virus.


As the world around us continues to change at a rapid pace, we continue to make decisions with the most up-to-date science in mind, while always leading with our hearts. We express our deepest gratitude to each and every one of you.




Juan Vega

CEO & President, Mortgage Mall Inc.

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